How To Delay Periods? Home Remedies without Side Effects

Periods cycles are different for all the girls out there, one has fixed time when it occurs without a delay while others do not have a constant periodic cycle. The difference depends upon a lot of reasons, but what stays constant is that almost all the ladies out there have a hold of the cycle in which they are likely to get their period. It is fine for a normal routine, but this doesn’t stay constant, and any likely event can occur at that time the next month.

Festivals and all kinds of functions, or a simple getaway trip plans with friends or family, is aspired to be perfect. While on such times, periods are the last thing you would want to deal with. We pretty much understand the hassle those three days of the month can be, as they occur at that time when you are at your weakest and almost on the verge of a breakout of emotions which can take a form anytime.

How To Delay Periods? is it Possible to Postpone or Not?

On top of that, the physical pain, the cramps are worse for some ladies, it is better we don’t even try explaining the pain, let us not get started in mentioning them. Delay in periods can be because of a number of reasons including stress. Hormonal imbalance as well what causes delay to periods and yes there are both natural and non-natural ways in which you can delay your periods. Here is the guide on how to delay periods.

Is it possible to stop or postpone a period?

Yes, it is possible to postpone your period if you are looking for ways of how to delay periods for 10 days or how to delay periods for a week or any other time. There are both natural and unnatural remedies that go along to delay your period. The natural ways are just like the name reads, they are safe and you can easily consume them according to your body and your preference.

Coming forward to the unnatural way of delaying your periods, you need to visit a doctor before you do so. The non-natural way is generally the medication which you happen to consume, but stopping the natural process using a medication is often not considered so good, as a result of which you may experience a couple of side effects. Such side effects can be on a higher scale or a lower scale, and this varies according to the precautions taken. And medication precautions can only be suggested by a doctor.

Natural remedies for forestalling your period

Medication is often considered to be effective but so are they a lot more rigid, which leads people into the direction of trying their hand at natural remedies. If you are considering the same, it is better for you to try the remedies we are about to discuss as they are your answer to how to delay periods naturally. All the remedies we are going to discuss are based on how to delay periods at home.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been revealed to possess a lot of benefits, which in some way or the other constituted to weight, acne, and heartburn. No study, therefore, reveals that apple cider vinegar has the capability of delaying period. But it is said to be one active remedy that works most of the time for how to delay periods with apple cider vinegar.

The way you need to use it or consume it is, drink one tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed in water daily for 10 days before your periods are about to arrive. Not only is ACV a great remedy to try and delay your periods, but it also has a great ability to provide a number of benefits to your body. Choose this ingredient to delay your period in an effective way, belonging to the natural ingredients category.

Gram lentils

This remedy has a thing to do with lentils, where it is fried until it gets softened, followed by which the same has to be grinded until a fine-textured powder is obtained. For instance, you may as well choose to purchase powdered lentil, add them up in whatsoever recipes you like and consume them. For example, you may choose to consume it with smoothie or soup for instance.

There are a couple of side effects which it may bring along with it, and it is related to bloating and stomach distress. It is one of the remedies of how to delay periods with home remedies.

Lemon juice

Here is yet another remedy that is merely based on the assumptions and beliefs of how to delay your period with lemon. There is no theory supporting the study and belief and neither is it proven to work. However, it is said that citric acid has the properties of delaying the periods and lemon juice is high in citric acid. It is also believed that if a person consumes lime a few days before periods start, they can successfully delay them.

Answering your question will lemon delay periods if the juice does not delay the period, at least it will lighten up and ease up your discomfort which basically comes along with periods. This will also make the flow lighter and is a great way to give it a try, as all of us majorly love lemon juices.


This is a Chinese way of delaying periods in an instance based on how to delay periods for one day. It is said to work instantly, and the recipe is to mix one pack of gelatine with a cup of water. This recipe can delay your periods for a few hours, and can also delay your periods up to a week. If you drink the mixture, you are therefore pushing back your menstrual cycle, which leads to a delay. The basic time fraction for which this recipe is said to work is, for around 4 hours. If you want to delay periods even further, you will need to keep consuming it repeated after the time when it is assumed to expire.

There is no evidence to support this reason, but it is just a Chinese way of holding back your periods. However, the side effects of excessive intake of gelatine exist as well. You will experience bloating and will also have digestive distress on the verge of excessive consumption.


Exercise is also considered as an effective measure of delaying your period. You need to workout heavily during the day, in order to keep your periods a bit delayed. This is not proven, but a common theory is that when you exercise, all your energy goes into workout which is then followed by a recovery period, where the appropriate amount of energy is again spent, leaving no space for energy reserves which are required to fulfill the menstrual cycle.

Foods that can delay your periods

Here is a list of food items that are all known to have the capability of stopping your period up to an extent, though a lesser time frame. Let us discuss the same, and so can you use any of the food items accordingly, on how to delay periods for marriage.


This theory is well known and is in regard to the question of what to eat to delay periods naturally, where pregnant ladies are strictly advised to stop the consumption of papaya. You might be wondering the reason behind the same and it is because papayas are rich in carotene which gives rise to estrogen levels in the body. When estrogen level rises, uterus blood experiences a change which is why it is assumed to be dangerous with the ability to make the consumer suffer a miscarriage.

On the contrary, when you wish to delay your periods you must consume papaya. There is no issue that can be caused by the consumption of papaya and is a significant item, yet being natural, you can choose to take its help.

Raspberry leaves

These leaves are basically compared with lime juice which is rich in vitamin C. Raspberry leaves are rich in vitamin C and are therefore considered as the endorser of delayed periods. If you consume the raspberry tea instead, it would as well do you the same amount of benefit. The tea in question contains fragrance and alkaloids, which are supposed to reduce the impact of cramps, in a way where it tones and relaxes the uterus.

On the contrary, the other benefits of this raspberry tea are that it keeps hold of PMS, cramping, nausea, while also regulating and building up your energy level, by keeping the immune system quite strong.

Mustard seeds

Another food item that is often considered by people to consume in order to delay periods is mustard seeds. This is basically a practice and does not ensure any fixed and guaranteed delay in the period, and you may as well try this if it works for your body type before being assured it would delay your period for the spectacular vacation you are planning.

You need to grind seeds into a fine paste and then mix 2 spoons of the same powder into a cup of warm milk. If you manage to consume this drink a week before you are about to get your period, it will be delayed to an extent.

Parsley leaves

Here are the Herbs to delay period, parsley, which is as well known to have a good impact on your body. The basic benefits it is referred to as with is the ability to cleanse your body internally, getting rid of the toxins which emerge from the body. The sources which contribute to delay in the period here are vitamin B12, vitamin K, C, and A. So, if you wish to delay your period using an herb, soak parsley leaves into water and boil it. This water is to be consumed twice a day after it is cooled down.

Non-natural remedies to delay Periods

There is a list of pills that claim to have the ability to delay your period. Contraceptive pills as well exist, which can be taken in combination with other pills, in order to delay your period.

Generally, a pattern has to be followed, in which the consumption of the medication needs to be done. If the pattern or timely intake is missed, this might as well make a null effect on the routine and you will experience an unexpected period.

Before you even think of consuming a pill, you must get in touch with a doctor and discuss all the complications it might bring, or a pharmacist can also be enquired about the same. The medication often has a way of working and is generally required to be consumed on a daily basis just like normal medicine. It is when you stop taking your medication is that you experience your periods, but this experience can be daunting and painful as compared to regular times. Also, there is a fixed time for which the intake of the medication is safe, and it may as well depend upon your body type. So, it is necessary to speak to a doctor and consult what is safe and what should not be done when you want to know how to delay periods for 15 days.

Also, there are a lot of side effects that arise and come into play when such medications are taken. If the combination as mentioned before is taken, then there might be complications such as feeling sick, being sick, diarrhea, unexpected vaginal bleeding, etc. For ladies who consume the normal pill i.e. the way of how to delay period without birth control, they may experience side effects of breast tenderness, nausea, headache, disturbance in mood and sex drive, also a combination of a lot of other complications based on your body type.

If you have your thoughts on why periods delay after taking a pill, you need to know that the basic trait of the pill is to delay your periods, where it will do so for almost a week. If it gets delayed further, hormonal imbalance is the cause where your body needs time to adjust.

How to Regulate your periods

Irregular periods are often experienced by a lot of women, the assumption is that ladies who do not get their periods within 24 to 38 days have irregular periods. But this is so not true, it is also considered as irregular periods if ladies have their period within the time frame but often do not get them at an appropriate time. Even if the periods are delayed or arrive sooner it is still considered to be irregular.  Here is how you can regulate your periods, ensuring you get your monthly cycle on time every month, as irregular periods can come with a lot of complications.

Though, this is not to be associated at the time of delivery, as a reason why delay periods after delivery is that women go through a lot of hormonal imbalance after delivering a child and it is common to have irregular periods for quite some time.

Practice yoga

Yoga has been regarded to be a healthy and effective treatment for a number of menstrual issues. It is experimented and determined that if you practice 50 to 60 minutes yoga for 5 days in a week, you are more likely to experience irregular menstruation and this routine carried for 6 months actually improved the period cycle.

The pain and hormonal imbalance which is experienced during periods are basically corrected with yoga practice, thereby improving the quality of life.

Maintain a healthy weight

If there are frequent changes in weight, you are more likely to experience periods to be irregular. If you are obese, you need to lose weight in order to have the appropriate bodyweight you should and also have a regular flow every month.

Also, if you lose weight in excess, you are also at the harm of absorbing a lot of other issues, including irregular periods. Weighted women have a lot more painful periods and this is because of the impact that fat cells have on hormones and insulin. Keep track of your weight and know how much is your ideal weight and if you think the weight changes are affecting you, get in contact with a doctor and speak your concerns.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is claimed to bring a lot of benefits to the body. If you eat healthily and exercise regularly, your lifestyle will change and so will your weight. If you have a good amount of weight, as suggested above, you will have a regular flow every month. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is generally related to a lot of women and they happen to have irregular periods.

There are also other benefits that come along with a good exercise routine, such as dysmenorrhea.

Spice things up with ginger

Here is a home remedy, which is used to treat periods and irregularity in periods. This isn’t a science-based method, rather a home remedy that works for several benefits related to menstruation.

Daily consumption of ginger is also said to have a good impact on the amount of bleeding and blood loss. It significantly reduces the amount of blood which is lost at the time of period, for girls who have excessive flows.

Add some cinnamon

It appears that cinnamon actually has a variety of benefits associated with it, which can cure menstrual issues, a lot of them, up to an extent. A study was conducted in 2014, where a limited number of people participated and it showed to have worked for a lot of them and is considered effective.

It showed improvement on the grounds of women who have PCOS related issues. The study also showed that women who experience a lot of pain and bleeding during their periods faced improvements.

Get your daily dose of vitamins

It is when your body lacks vitamin D that you are likely to experience an increasing pattern of irregular periods. This way the prime solution is linked to the consumption of excessive vitamin D in order to fix the lack of its issue. Here is another study that is related to ladies who suffer from PCOS, and it is claimed to be equally effective.

This is no limit to the properties of vitamin D as it also has other benefits to the body and can be found in items such as food, milk, and other dairy products, including cereal. Studies are on, and researches on different aspects are being conducted.

Drink apple cider vinegar daily

The menstruation cycle can be restored to normal for people who suffer from PCOS. The research which is conducted at present is not enough to claim it as a solution, and further research has to be carried in order to official signify Apple cider vinegar as a solution for menstruation-related issues.

Eat pineapple

It is a pretty popular remedy, which is said to have the power to correct menstrual related issues. The reason is for its properties such as bromelain, which is an enzyme that softens the line of the uterus, thereby regulating your periods to the way they are supposed to be. It is not proven yet, but it is believed to have worked for a lot of people and is a popular practice.

While exercising is mostly done to induce and regulate periods, there might be some instances when you will experience a change and think will exercise delay periods. Yes, there might be an issue with the delay of your period relating to exercise and it is basically when you perform an intensive exercise and lose a lot of weight. It is often experienced by athletes and is referred to as exercise-associated amenorrhea.

Is it safe to delay periods?

Natural and unnatural methods are both on their different paths to work. But what emerges a common ground between both of them is the side effect they introduce to the intaker. Answering your question is it safe to delay periods with medicine? It doesn’t matter if you decide to consume the natural way or the non-natural way, to delay your period, you will be subject to some side effect on common grounds.

Also, there isn’t an assurance of both the ways being 100% effective. You may or may not be accustomed to it, and what should be of your concern is the knowledge of what side effects both ways bring. This way you will know what side effects you can cope with and then prefer the way of delaying periods. It is often suggested to meet up with a doctor, and convey what your body type is and how your period pattern is. you must also tell the doctor any unusual things you feel about your period cycle or your body, which you think is worth pondering thought over. This way the doctor will be able to tell you what best suits you, and also delay any further complications your way.

All these aspects are to be taken into consideration as people who aren’t immune to medication and are allergic to it, basically experience the side effect for an extended period. They also start experience non-uniform period cycles and patterns, hindering a regular and healthy flow every month, which is unhealthy for a lady.

Stating some of the side effects, lemon juice, and ACV leads to irritation of the sensitive tissues which are situated in the mouth and throat. Such substances also lead to weakened enamel in your teeth. Referring to the gelatin and gram lentils, on the other hand, will cause bloating, and other kinds of discomfort for your stomach.

If the remedies or the non-natural elements do not work, things would go normal and you will get your period as expected. But there is a fine chance of experiencing irregular bleeding and spotting, which is not a regular period in full and final. Also, there are instances when you do not know why periods delay before marriage or why periods delay after marriage, it is only because of stress. Stress is also a cause of delayed periods.


Periods aren’t something quite worrisome, especially now that people are open to a lot of options while on periods. Sex, swimming, everything can be done while on periods, it is often the experience and trauma a woman goes which makes it difficult to have a period in the vacation time, and at such times, you can consider delaying periods. There are numerous tested and proven methods to delay periods, but what matters is the one you choose to adopt.

You may choose to adopt the way of non-natural in order to adopt an effective way of delaying periods. Yes, the non-natural ways, i.e. the medication way is a lot more effective as compared to the natural way on how to delay your periods without pills. But what your prime consideration must be, to choose the way which is the safest for you. Your health and body are never to be taken for granted, and hence, you need to make an exception of keeping every other information of your body and then consulting your doctor based on it. You may choose to delay your period, but make sure you do it the right way, without inviting any further complication along your way.


Are medicines safer or the natural methods of delaying period?

It goes by without a doubt that natural remedies are a lot safer as compared to the medications you might be prescribed with. They might be effective but it often comes at a cost, the cost of side effects. Often, periods are a lot more painful after the medication is stopped.

How does medication basically work?

You need to consume the medicine prescribed just like any regular medicines. You need to take it 3 times a day, without delay, as delaying will nullify the effect. This continues for as long as you take the medicines, and you are more likely to get your periods, 2 to 3 days after the medication is stopped. The consumption must be started three days before you are likely to get your period.

Will intercourse delay periods?

There is no other way your periods will be delayed because of intercourse, other than the mere fact that you are pregnant. If you get pregnant after having intercourse, that is the only time you will be off your periods. There is no other reason as to why periods delay after intercourse other than the mere fact that you are pregnant.

will pottukadalai delay periods?

Pottukadai or roasted chana dal is as well known to contain the property of a delayed period. You need to consume them in large quantities similar to any other whole snacks in order to delay your period.

how to delay periods without side effects?

Side effects are hound in both natural and non-natural ingredients. being obvious for non-natural items, but for the natural ones, excess of consumption will only cause side effects. If you wish to have no side effects, you need to go for the natural fruit such as papaya or consume other above-mentioned ingredients in a limit. Anything excessively consumed can lead to stomach related issues, and the issue which comes along has as well been mentioned in the article.

will thyroid delay periods?

Such a disease is often said to control your period. If you have thyroid at a high level or even low level, you are more likely to delay your period and it can become very light, heavy, or even irregular.

will periods delay in summer

Summer is generally associated with seasoned activities and as a result, this may have an effect on your overall health, including your periods. Especially if you experience a yeast infection in summer, this is a great probability you may delay your period.

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