Herbs for Weight Gain – How to Add them in Your Diet?

The human race has forever seen treatments conducted by means of medicinal plants. All of this goes back to an earlier time, and they yet stand significant and active in present times. Though traditional, it is yet in use today, for a number of reasons and one such reason deals with the concern of weight gain. We live in a world where people have always been bothered by obesity. But, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, there exist a bunch of people whose primary aim is to gain weight. The reasons for being underweight are many, some are just prey to malnutrition, some are genetically predisposed, whereas others are just that way, having the same traits in their genes. 

Herbs for Weight Gain - How to Add them in Your Diet?

People say the best way to put on weight is to eat lots of junk food. But this is not the way it has to be, as you will be exposed to a lot of complications, bad health and unwanted fat being the main issues. So, if you belong to that category, you need to focus on gaining weight in the right way. This means you need to adopt a healthy and organic way of weight gain, by means of herbs for weight gain. We will also discuss what herbs are good for weight gain in this article, as further, we have provided you the list of 10 herbs that you can consume to gain weight. 

Origin of Herbal Medication and Remedies

History of herbalism and medicine are somewhat related and were interchangeably used, since pre-historic times till the point germ theory of disease was introduced in the 19th century. Evidence has been found that the human race has been seen using medicinal plants from almost 60,000 years ago. It was the period of Paleolithic, which is known to have witnessed the use of medicinal plants. The archaeologist evidence suggests through samples gathered from the burial sites are the proof suggesting the use of plants as medicine from Paleolithic times. 

A Neanderthal burial site, which is almost 60,000 years old, has witnessed pollen of 8 plant species and the fascinating fact about it is that 7 of the 8 plant species are still in use as herbal remedies. Almost all the evidence suggests the use, and this led to vast development in ancient history. Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, India, China, and Ancient Greece and Rome have their own set of studies, suggesting how beneficial Natural herbs for weight gain are and how, a lot of research has been conducted to make proper, herbalism and its use.

How the change in the diet results in lifestyle change

Your eating and working habits have a lot of effects on the lifestyle you follow. If you choose to follow a rather slow-paced lifestyle, you will be prone to issues as well. Eating healthy and being active enough is great if you wish to keep yourself immune from health-related issues. 

Ingredients required to alter a lifestyle change is physical activity and a good supply of nutrients to the body through a proper diet. An improved lifestyle which has a lot of physical activity is always better for good health. This can never be given through a pill or a medication, and everything lies in your hand. 

The pill is handy, and you can choose to gulp a good amount of pills and sleep your way through the day and night, but this always comes with terms and conditions, called the side effects. The only thing which is not prone to side effects is the change in lifestyle, and we definitely recommend it. 

Why is the organic way better to gain weight than other inorganic ones?

Organic food was once suggested for use by a limited number of people and was therefore available in the health food stores. Now, the use has increased extensively, and therefore can be found commonly among normal stuff in supermarkets. 

Organic food is increasing in demand because they are known to contain a lot of health benefits as compared to normal food. Food organically produced has a higher amount of antioxidants, protects cells from damage, benefits growth endorses reproduction and also safeguards the immune system. There are a lot of other benefits tagged along with organic food, which are basically not found in the normally produced food items. 

Normal food basically produces a lot of chemicals and harmful products, so production is increased. But, this basically does a lot of harm to the body, and even if you gain weight, you will be prone to a lot of complications because of the unhealthy way of production. Therefore, organic food is referred to as the healthy way in which you can increase weight. 

10 herbs for Faster Weight Gain and How to Add them in Your Diet

We stuck on the attempt to present to our readers, 10 herbs which can be used to gain weight faster, and obviously in a healthy way. People struggling to find the medium may take the help of this article and best herbs for weight gain, to absorb the benefits the herbs have got to offer. 


Cannabis often referred to as marijuana has a lot of benefits and is put to use in the medicinal industry. Being the topmost ingredients we considered to put in this list, it is definitely the most effective path to increase your craving and add on some weight to your body. Many countries have strict policies about the use of cannabis and so, you will have to check the laws of your arena and country and then make the purchase accordingly. 

Laws are being passed in countries all across the world, for the use of marijuana as it has a lot of properties other than being a recreational product. It is used in a lot of medications and you might need a prescription to buy it from pharmacies around the world. 


This herb is famous and you would have already heard, or read about it somewhere already. The properties stuffed inside chamomile are known to be related to appetite increase. If you include this herb in your daily consumption routine, you are likely to experience an improved appetite, forcing you to eat the right manner, barred from being malnutrition.  Without all further hassle, you will definitely witness some increase in your weight, in a natural way. 

People who have been skinny, and also have been underweight for most of their life, or all of their life should definitely give this herb a try, as a drastic change will be experienced by them in the healthiest way possible. 

Blessed thistle

Did you ever consume a tonic so bitter, there is a fair chance this herbal supplement is used as one of the ingredients of the tonic. It is basically used in such a way because it is known to have the impact of increased appetite, improved digestion while also helping them put on some weight. Been used as a hunger endorsing element, you can definitely consume it in order to treat your weight-related issues. 

Appreciation has always been in the way of this herb, as people who tried it already praise the way it works. It is highly recommended for people, so give it a try if you are looking to gain some weight. It can also be commonly used as a natural supplement for perimenopause weight gain. 


Years and decades have witnessed the use of Gentian roots, especially for the treatment of people who are prone to excessive weight loss. It is also put to use for treating appetite-related loss, where food consumption reduces to a great extent. Consumption of Gentian is great for a person who has no cravings, and it also helps the body absorb all the goodness of food consumed in the correct manner. 

The digestive system is basically affected by its consumption, where bile flow increases, appetite increases and also gastric sensation. Speaking of the way this herb tastes, it is generally pretty bitter to consume, and the notion goes that bitter herbs are most effective in endorsing appetite than any other normal herb. On the contrary, it can also be used as a herbal remedy for weight gain in menopause.

Dandelion root

This herb is rich in herbal supplements and endorses hunger, making people experience a good appetite. It is presently in use by the women, where most of them consume it to increase their cravings thereby increasing their chance at weight gain. Dandelion root is basically suggested for women who are pregnant, so their appetite is constant and appropriate throughout the course of pregnancy and is also used as herbs for weight gain menopause.

It would be great to include this herbal supplement in the diet as it contains a great amount of goodness in nutrients, therefore it will be a smart move to have Dandelion root in order to gain weight in a healthy way.  

Chen Pi

It basically is one of the herbal herbs for weight gain, dried citrus peel, where the appropriate nutrients are provided to the body. This is a great supplement for people who do not have a craving for food, i.e. they have a lesser appetite. Basically, the issues with the digestive system will be sorted by this supplement, thereby adding on to an increase in cravings. Chen Pi is basically used to treat dyspepsia and is also used as a relaxant. 

The natural secretion of the body can be increased by this herb, where appetite is stimulated. Another use that this herb can be put to is, for relieving anyone who suffers from abdominal distension.


The use of this herb has been on for quite some years. Its diverse use is basically put on to cure the issues related to the intestine. Stomach related issues are said to have vanished if this herb is consumed. Stomach related issues such as the upset stomach, nausea, and dyspepsia can be treated with ginger. 

It also comes handy if you don’t have enough cravings and goes as one of the herbs for perimenopause weight gain. It will improve the consumer’s appetite in a way that triggers hunger and thereby leading to the right amount of food consumption for people who eat less than they should. Ginger also effectively helps in warming up the digestive tract. 

Custard Apple

It is rather a fruit that is well known for the taste but also has a bunch of benefits tagged along with it. It is highly suitable for weight gain, and also has a couple of other health benefits. Among the other benefits, it cools down the body temperature sooner, thus placing a cooling effect on the body. This, therefore, leads to an increase in the possibility of weight gain, while also counteracting anorexia. 

If you also suffer from anorexia, we highly suggest you add a couple of custard apples to your daily diet, in order to cope up with it in the best possible way. Also, if you know of any other people who are suffering from it, you may as well suggest them of the same. 


This herb is also known as Yasthimadhu and is highly effective in weight gain. It looks somewhat like a bark of a tree or a dried part of plants which can be referred to as dried herbs for weight gain but is high in medicinal properties. Likewise, it is a natural supplement that is known to also possess the properties of weight gain. 

This plant or herb is well suggested for consumption by people who are prone to immune system issues easily, the ones who have a weak immune system. We suggest appropriate use of this herb, in order to enjoy the benefits it offers, and how it strengthens the immune system.


Emerging from the Indian soil is an ayurvedic herb for weight gain, this herb is popular and known for the rich and natural supplement it contains. It has been known to have an effect on a lot of things related to our bodies. It is mostly used as a cure to the most normal issue experienced by people on a daily basis, such as stress, lack of energy, lack of appetite, fatigue and also comes handy to cure strain.  

With all such benefits, we would suggest the consumption of Ashwagandha, along with a pretty healthy diet, as the enriched nutrients can help people gain weight, and of course faster.  

Side effects of using other inorganic dietary supplements

Going the inorganic way may always seem better, also it is less costly and would not burn a hole in your pocket. But, the lesser the price you pay, the more readily you buy yourself health-related complications. Some of the effects the dietary supplement will attract are illness, injury, or reactions. Notably, people who have consumed inorganic dietary supplements have suffered from a diverse set of reactions, mostly the unexpected ones. 

A lot of calls on a daily basis are made to the poison control centers with the complaint on supplements provided by various manufacturers. People who have a poor immune system are more open to such complications, and underweight people are definitely low of sufficient nutrients, which make it not only harmful but deadly. Being low of vital nutrients, they would easily absorb all the harmful substances and develop health-related issues we cannot even think of. 

It is always better to adopt change, but the change should be driven to a better lifestyle probably in a healthy way, where you get enough natural nutrients and sufficient body exercise ensuring you will not gain fat, but rather weight. 

If you walk towards the organic way, free of any side effects and complications, we are positive you are headed the right way. Prosperity will be in your way and so will progress, where your body will be coping up readily with all the goodness, making you healthy. The list of herbs for weight gain which is mentioned above is definitely the way to go. They work as natural remedies for perimenopause weight gain as well, and menstrual issues can be coped with as well. 


We know people have a lot of things in their mind, wandering around like people from the nomadic age. But, if the most primary of your concerns are related to weight gain, we highly suggest you have a sound knowledge of herbalism, which has been precisely put in this article, with an intention to educate you about the properties medicinal plants contain.

Put the entire article to use, and with the gained insights, we want you to consume the appropriate herbs, as mentioned above, along with a healthy diet and proper workout regime, to see yourself putting on the pounds of weight you want. All of the herbs can be used as herbs for hormonal weight gain as well, and we wish you all the best for the journey of weight gain, and we hope you reach your goal sooner than you expect. 

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